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Upson County Sheriff’s Office

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The Upson County Sheriff's Office is the chief law enforcement agency in Upson County, Georgia. Their main responsibility is to maintain peace and order, safeguard the lives and property of the residents of the county, and enforce the laws of the state and county.

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Their office is headquartered at:

Upson County Sheriff's Office Address: 110 Civic Center Drive, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 647-7411
Fax: (706) 646-6065

In case of emergencies, please dial 911. For non-emergencies, you may contact the number provided above. It is advisable to visit their website for detailed and updated information.

Active Arrest Warrants

Active arrest warrants in Upson County are judicial directives issued by court magistrates that authorize the police to arrest and detain an individual. These warrants are typically issued in response to a sworn affidavit presented by a police officer or district attorney.

To perform an Upson County Warrant lookup, you may visit the sheriff’s office in person, or check online databases such as Georgia's Felon Search website, where you can search using the person’s first and last name. However, please note that this service may not include all active warrants, especially those recently issued.

Arrest Records Search

Arrest records are official documents providing details about a person’s arrest history. These records are part of a person's criminal record and can be searched through the Upson County sheriff's department.

To carry out an arrest records search, you can go to the Upson County Sheriff's Department and request these records, or you may also check online databases such as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation website.

Criminal Records and Background Checks

Criminal records are documents that detail a person's criminal history. These records are compiled from various sources, including local sheriff's offices, police departments, courts, and correctional facilities.

To conduct a background check in Upson County, you can request criminal records from the Georgia Crime Information Center. It's also recommended to check the Upson County Court Clerk's office for possible criminal case files.

Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offender Registry is a database of all registered sex offenders in a particular area. The information in this registry can be accessed by the public for their safety and awareness.

For the Upson County Sex Offender Registry, you can visit the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Sex Offender Registry website. This website allows you to search for registered sex offenders in your area.

Most Wanted List

The Most Wanted List is a list of individuals who are being actively sought by law enforcement agencies for various criminal activities.

For Upson County, the most wanted list can be accessed through the Upson County Sheriff's Department website. The list contains the names, pictures, and descriptions of individuals wanted by the local sheriff's office.

Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a type of surety bond used to secure the release of a defendant from jail before their court date.

If you need to arrange for a bail bond in Upson County, you can contact local bail bonds services. Keep in mind that you should consult with a legal advisor before making any decisions related to bail bonds to fully understand the risks and responsibilities involved.

Police Departments

In addition to the Upson County Sheriff's Department, there are other police departments serving various cities within Upson County. They work in cooperation with the sheriff's department to ensure the safety and security of the county.

The contact information for these local police departments canbe found on their respective city government websites. Here are a few examples:

Thomaston Police Department
Address: 106 E Lee St, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 647-5455

Yatesville Police Department
Address: 30 Bridge St, Yatesville, GA 31097
Phone: (706) 472-3024

Contacting Sheriff's Office

To contact the Upson County Sheriff's Office directly, you can call their non-emergency phone number, visit in person, or send a fax to the numbers listed above. In case of an emergency, always dial 911.

For more specific inquiries such as Criminal Investigation Division, Jail Division, or Civil Division, you can refer to the Contact Us section on the Upson County Sheriff's Office official website.

Online Services

Many services provided by the Upson County Sheriff's Office are now accessible online. For instance, you can file a non-emergency police report, request a copy of a police report, or provide a tip to the Sheriff's Office through their official website.

Online services also extend to searching for criminal records or conducting an Upson County warrant lookup. These are often found in dedicated sections of the Sheriff's Office website or through state-managed resources like the Georgia Felon Search website.

Public Safety Initiatives

Public safety initiatives like Neighborhood Watch, DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), and other community programs are an integral part of the duties carried out by the Upson County Sheriff's Office.

Through these initiatives, the Sheriff's Office seeks to improve the safety and well-being of Upson County residents. More information about these programs is available on the Sheriff's Office website.

Privacy and Legal Considerations

When conducting any form of investigation or background checks using resources provided by the Upson County Sheriff's Office, it's important to respect privacy laws and the rights of the individuals involved. Information obtained should not be used improperly or for any purpose that contravenes federal and state laws.

Record Requests and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows the public to request access to records from any federal agency, including law enforcement. Under the Georgia Open Records Act, the public can also request access to state and local government records, including those held by the Upson County Sheriff's Department.

To request records, you need to make a formal written request to the Upson County Sheriff's Office, clearly stating the records you wish to access. It is recommended that you be as specific as possible about the records you are seeking to expedite the process.

However, certain types of information may be exempt from disclosure due to privacy concerns or if it's part of an ongoing investigation. Always ensure that you respect these restrictions and use obtained information responsibly.

Cooperation with Other Law Enforcement Agencies

The Upson County Sheriff's Department maintains close cooperation with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. They work together on joint investigations, share crucial information, and support each other in maintaining law and order in the community.

This cooperation extends to the execution of active arrest warrants and the sharing of information on the most wanted list, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in Upson County.

Victim Services

The Upson County Sheriff's Department provides support and resources for victims of crimes through their Victim Services Division. They provide assistance in navigating the criminal justice process, offer counseling and support, and help in obtaining protective orders or other legal aid.

The goal is to ensure that victims are treated with dignity and respect, and their rights are protected throughout the legal process. For more information, you can visit the Victim Services section on the Upson County Sheriff's Office website.

Traffic and Road Safety

The Upson County Sheriff's Department is also responsible for traffic enforcement and road safety in the county. They enforce traffic laws, investigate traffic accidents, and conduct initiatives to promote safe driving practices.

The goal is to ensure the safety of all road users in Upson County, reduce accidents, and ensure efficient traffic flow.

Community Engagement and Public Relations

A significant aspect of the Upson County Sheriff's Office's work is engaging with the local community. The department organizes and participates in various community events to foster a positive relationship between law enforcement and the residents they serve.

These activities aim to promote public trust, provide transparency, and facilitate open lines of communication. Moreover, these engagement efforts help to educate the public on crime prevention, the operations of the sheriff's department, and the resources available to them.

The Upson County Sheriff's Office regularly shares updates about their activities, crime alerts, and safety tips through their official website and social media pages. Residents are encouraged to follow these platforms to stay informed.

Crime Statistics

The Upson County Sheriff's Department and local police departments track crime statistics to understand the types and frequency of crimes committed within the county. These statistics are used to guide policy decisions, resource allocation, and crime prevention efforts.

Crime statistics for Upson County can be found through various online databases like the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Crime Statistics Database. These databases offer insights into the prevalence of various types of crimes such as violent crime, property crime, and drug-related offenses in Upson County.

It is essential to consider these statistics within their proper context. Crime rates can be influenced by a variety of factors including changes in reporting practices, changes in laws, and socio-economic factors.

Anonymous Tip Submission

The Upson County Sheriff's Office encourages residents to report suspicious activities or information related to crimes. They offer the option to submit tips anonymously through their website or a dedicated phone line.

This tool empowers the community to contribute to the safety of their neighborhoods while ensuring their anonymity. Details about how to submit an anonymous tip can be found on the Upson County Sheriff's Office's website.

Remember, in all situations, your first point of contact in case of emergencies should be 911, and any criminal activities should be reported directly to the Upson County Sheriff's Office or your local police department.

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